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In June we hosted our first speed dating event with Spark Dating at Ampersand Bistro & Bar. Since then, we have held multiple speed dating events at our restaurant. The participants love our venue so much for its location, ambiance, and the tantalizing food and cocktails that just make you want to sit and talk for hours on end.

Nestled in the heart of Gastown, Ampersand is your go-to spot for your date night plans. Peeping through the neon Ampersand sign you will see a hidden gem that’s waiting for you to take your special someone inside. With cozy seats, candle-lit tables in the evening, and food that’s perfect for sharing, it’s no wonder that our guests always come back for their date night plans. Our restaurant’s melodious tunes are the perfect background music for your endless conversations while you sip on some of the most unique cocktails that you will find in Vancouver and indulging in our beautifully crafted food by our talented chef. Oh yeah, don’t forget to order the dessert for that sweet ending for your evening.

To make a reservation for your next date night, call us at 604-336-9819.


Ampersand Bistro & Bar