Bar Mixologist Skye Haneul Kim

Bar manager Skye Haneul Kim is the enthusiastic and outgoing mixologist and bar manager of Ampersand Bistro & Bar. She was born and raised from South Korea and studied Visual Arts. Her background influences her mixed drinks to be more multicultural and carefully crafted. She started bartending in South Korea six years ago. Her outgoing rapport with guests got her noticed, and she was soon working as a bar manager of a whisky bar while continuing to master the craft of mixology. She moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada two years ago and worked as a bartender mixologist to show her passion and creativity of drinks. She joined the Ampersand Bistro & Bar during 2019 as the mixologist and bar manager.

The Ampersand Bistro & Bar has local produced sprits based classy cocktails with touch of Asian ingredients, uniquely selected British Columbia, Canada  produced Wine, Japanese Whisky and Sake which is representing the Ampersand Bistro & Bar concept of Harmony with Western-Asian culture. Her ideal vision of bar is creating fun and enjoyable bar culture in local community. Skye and her bar team will show your more than just a bar in the Gastown district of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Martini and Shaker tattoo on her wrist showing how much passion she has for her, as a mixologist, she has competed with the Lower Mainland’s best bartenders serving up unique concoctions during The Harmony Arts Festival’s Night on the Pier 2018 and 2019 summer.

Western & Asian Bar Harmony