Lunch Menu Items

The Ampersand Bistro & Bar offers an excellent selection of Asian fusion style dishes for the lunch menu that is available in downtown Vancouver.


Lunch Bowls

Vegan cabbage kale slaw, house vinaigrette, furikake roast carrots, kimchi chickpeas, cucumbers.
Sashimi-grade salmon (Ocean-wise), poke sauce, mixed rice, wakame, cucumbers, gem tomatoes, tobiko, mayo.
Poached Atlantic salmon (Ocean-wise), hoisin chili torched, soba noodles, soft egg, roasted eggplants, wakame, spicy walnuts.
Braised pulled chicken, mixed purple rice, lemongrass sauce, slaw, pickles, soft egg.
Charsiu pork, mixed rice, cabbage slaw, cucumbers, kimchi, soft egg, tomato kochujang.
Glazed unagi eel, mixed rice, cabbage slaw, cucumbers, kimchi, soft egg, mayo.

Lunch Dim Sum

Steamed custard filled buns (2), coconut dulce de leche sauce.
steamed pork wontons (6), spicy oyster sauce, scallions, cilantro, crispy noodles, chilis.

Lunch Sweets

Come and enjoy a relaxing meal for lunch at the Ampersand bistro location in the historic Gastown area of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Please inform your server of any allergies before ordering.