Bistro Menu Items

Ampersand Bistro & Bar offers a great food menu for everyone to enjoy at our location in historic Gastown, Vancouver, BC, Canada.



Steamed pork wontons (6), spicy oyster sauce, scallions, cilantro, crispy noodles, chilis
edamame in shell, tossed in hoisin chili (1), sea salt kimchi (1)
Braised chicken, hoisin chili sauce, pickles, scallions, cilantro.
Chef’s choice cured sausages and roast meats, steamed bao, daily cheese, hoisin chili paste, house pickles
Roasted mixed-veggies, beet mayo, vegan hoisin chili sauce, pickles, scallions, cilantro
Shrimp hargow (1), pork shumai (1), beef shumai (1), shrimp & chive (1), chicken (1), Ampersand sauces.
chicken (1), pork (1), beef (1), veggie (1), shrimp & scallop (1), Ampersand sauces
steamed & roasted garlic chili short ribs, mixed salad, crispy noodles
pork xiao long bao (5) inside with soup, soy vinegar sauce on the side


Braised pulled chicken, mixed purple rice, lemongrass sauce, mixed salad, pickles, soft egg
Hand-made garlic noodles, garlic pepper roast eggplant, Ampersand coconut peanut satay sauce
shiraz infused pork dumplings (3), shallots, peppercorn, sweet soy, infamous soup dumplings (3) with pork & crab filling, crab meat, tobiko
wild mushroom dumplings (3), tofu stuffed dumplings (3), paired with spicy tomato kochujang, hoisin chili
Hand-made garlic noodles, Asian style pulled pork, Ampersand coconut peanut satay sauce


Steamed custard filled buns (2), coconut dulce de leche sauce.
Mango pineapple compote.
cheese cake, mixed fruit puree
tiramisu cake, chocolate powder, cherry
matcha skin filled with red bean buns (2), golden sugar black bean sauce

Your entire group can enjoy memorable lunch & dinner meals at the Ampersand Bistro & Bar when visiting during any season.

Please inform your server of any allergies before ordering.